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Kristian Tanninen

SaaS Founder, Management Consultant, Development Team Coach

  Interim Management     Agile & Scrum Coaching     Business Development  

I’m an experienced SaaS entrepreneur, business manager and development team coach. With over 20 years of work experience in enterprise software projects and SaaS business development I help companies to improve productivity and customer success. My passion is to lead professional organizations and teams to create new innovations that are changing the way we work and live.


Consulting, coaching, training and interim management. Available online across the world or on-site in Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Austria:

Interim Management

I’ve been responsible for vast variety of teams of software developers, creative professionals and industry specialists. My certified project management skills and lean business development experience make projects to achieve goals. My approach is to build self-managing teams that are capable to improve their own performance. It is enabled by transparent processes, regular inspections and constant adaptation. Recent years I’ve been specializing into distributed team management, outsourced teams and agile methodologies.

Agile & Scrum Coaching

Agile development is easy to learn, but difficult to master. That’s why even the best agile teams invest regularly on team coaching. Focused consulting have a measurable impact on software development team’s productivity. It’s not only about processes or workflows. Instead, developers must get a positive attitude towards mutually agreed teamwork practices. This kind of team spirit can be enabled by sharing real life examples and development knowhow. Book a free strategy session with me and let’s evaluate your situation together.

Business Development

Lean startup development, productization and SaaS customer success knowhow is the backbone of my services: Over 20 years of software product development projects, enterprise solutions and award winning SaaS products. I’ve designed new concepts from scratch and helped companies from small to large in innovation, sales funnels, backlog grooming, customer onboarding automation, requirements engineering and service improvements. After gaining enough practical experience I also founded Growhold - a customer success software for B2B online services.


As a consultant I’ve helped teams and management in global companies such as CGI, General Electric, Swiss Re, KPMG and many others. I’ve also a long track record in dozens of startup companies from enterprise software products to large scale consumer services and virtual reality experiences.

Project feedback given via Upwork freelancer network:


"Kristian is certainly one of the top picks in his field - competent, professional and always delivering high quality work."
Berlin, 2020


"Kristian was a pleasure to work with. His calm yet focused approach worked very well for me and our team. I am looking forward to working with him again."
Bermuda, 2018


"Kristian did a fantastic job in shepherding us from a half-baked, scrum-ish process to one where we are now running much more efficiently and effectively with the right tools and the right mind-set. Highly recommend Kristian whether it’s turning the ship in the right direction or just brushing up on scrum process."
Baltimore, US 2018


"Kristian is a great guy and valued team member. He helped us to move heavy pieces of work and I will clearly hire him again."
Mainz, Germany 2018


"It was a superb idea to discuss my start-up project with Kristian. I was only looking for validation / invalidation of some assumption but we (quickly) ended up with a new concept that is much more focused and easier to implement."
Zurich, Switzerland 2018


"Kristian did a great job guarding the scrum process for our team and facilitating the sometimes difficult conversations during the initial storming and norming phases."
Zurich, Switzerland 2017


"Very pleased to work with Kristian. His communications are great, he is very proactive, he sticks to deadlines, delivers the quality of work I expect and responds well to feedback. Highly recommended!"
Vienna, Austria 2016


Two decades of software development projects, team leading and business development:

Founder of Growhold Inc, US
Customer data platform that drives conversions for product teams

Management Consultant, Tanninen Consulting, Austria
SaaS business development, interim CxO, technology strategies.

Interim Manager, Tanninen Consulting, Switzerland, Germany and US
SaaS transitions, interim project management and process improvements.

CEO of Lumo Research, Finland and Austria
A startup company behind an award winning enterprise collaboration platform.

Product Manager, Project Manager, Logica CGI, Helsinki, Finland
Business unit manager and team leader responsible for Healthcare ERP solutions.

Software Architect, Valkeus Interactive, Helsinki, Finland
Requirements engineering, Java architectures and product development.

Consultant, Software Designer, Endero, Helsinki, Finland
Java EE development (lead developer) and architectures for large enterprises.

Consultant, Software Designer, Regex, Melbourne, Australia
Java EE development and architectures for large enterprises.

Software Developer, Satama Interactive, Helsinki, Finland
Search engine and web services development.


PSM-I Scrum Master Certification
2016 by Scrum.org

IPMA-C Project Management Certification
2008 by International Project Management Association

Situational Leadership II Training
2001 by Ken Blanchard Institute

Computer Science and Leadership
University of Helsinki from 1998 to 2001

In my early career I worked as a lead developer. Therefore I’m familiar with broad variety of technologies and methodologies commonly used by development teams:

#Java Enterprise Edition #Enterprise Application Integration #Business Intelligence #Business Process Management #Relational Databases #Design Patterns #Development Frameworks #Continuous Integration #Application Servers #Web Development #Mobile Development #User Experience #Scrum Development #UML Specifications #Git Flow #Trunk Based Development #Amazon Web Services #Open Source


Consulting, training and interim management:

95 € per hour

VAT is added for Austrian customers or EU customers without a VAT code.

Small projects can be paid online with credit card. Long term projects are invoiced biweekly or monthly.


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