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Software industry is evolving fast, which creates the pressure for organizations to continuously adapt into new situations. I’ve been responsible for change management projects such as transforming traditional software businesses into SaaS, or helping enterprises to become agile on an organizational level. Change is always an opportunity to connect people better together from all levels and functions of the company. This is reached with strategical goal setting, inspirational coaching as well as with systematic implementation practices.

Kristian Tanninen

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With over 20 years of work experience in enterprise software and SaaS business I help business managers, organizations, development teams and startup companies to improve productivity, enterprise architectures, organizational level performance, agile practices and SaaS customer success. My clients include global companies such as General Electric and KPMG as well as early-stage innovative startup companies. I provide management consulting, coaching, process improvements and team leading services online across the world and locally in Nordics and Central Europe.

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